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Albert Hague

At the age of 18, Albert managed to escape Nazi Germany and arrived in New York City. He was broke, alone and did not speak a word of English.  Who would have dreamed then that what lay ahead would be his success as a successful composer on Broadway, including winning a Tony Award (presented by Claudette Colbert) for the score of the Broadway musical Redhead?

Albert's career continued to take many exciting paths. At the age when most people think of retiring, Albert landed his first acting job. It was a starring role,  Professor Shorofsky, the music teacher in the film and television series "Fame," which ran internationally for seven years, and continues in reruns today.

Along with Renée, his beautiful wife of forty-eight years, and longtime artistic collaborator, they created and continue to perform a wonderful cabaret act, Still Young and Foolish.  They delight audiences across the country and in Europe.  Their cabaret act was actually a catalyst for Albert's landing the role of Professor Shorofsky on "FAME".

One of Albert's fondest accomplishments is having written the music for "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," the Dr. Seuss classic television special.  Dr. Seuss and Albert worked together on the songs.  He remembers Dr. Seuss didn't talk much during that time, but fortunately for him, Dr. Seuss drew incessantly on a yellow pad of paper.  Albert saved several of the sketches, which are now framed and hanging in his home to this day.  The Grinch has become an international holiday tradition for all for over three decades.  (The live action film starring Jim Carrey is coming out soon.)
Beyond his extraordinary career as a composer, actor, performer and humorist, Albert is currently working on his autobiography, From Ellis Island to 'Fame'. A lighthearted and entertaining look at the twists and turns his life has taken.
Stories include humorous , and sometimes revealing, anecdotes of his experience and shared adventures with such celebrities as Bette Davis, Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon, Barbara Streisand, Dr. Seuss, Lynn Redgrave, Jerome Robbins, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Debbie Allen, Sidney Sheldon, Katherine Hepburn,  Allen Sherman , and many more.  He has often been described as a combination between Victor Borge and John Houseman.  The Hagues long-time friend, Lynn Redgrave, will write the Forward.
The book is also a how-to guide for up-and-coming artists.  Included are several chapters on a series of classes Albert developed and taught on the "art of the audition," and "how to get a job."  His theories are not just for the performer, but are applicable to any career.  Albert hopes the book will not only entertain and amuse you, but will give you some fresh ideas for your own work.
Very soon to come a lovely family photo.
The Hagues live in Southern California. Their most satisfying performances have been two wonderful grown-ups, their children, Janet and Andrew.